Suzannah Jackson

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Clinic Address

Suzannah Jackson Nutrition


Warren Road




Additional Clinic

The Private GP Group

171 Clarence Avenue

New Malden




Online and South E.


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  • In Person Appointments
  • Discovery Call


My name is Suzannah and I work with people looking to achieve optimum health and well-being.

As a functional medicine practitioner, I focus on addressing the root cause of a problem rather than the symptoms alone. Every client benefits from a personalised programme, with regular support to gently guide you back to good health and feeling well.

Imagine when a battery has become flat. Well the body behaves in a similar way, when our mitochondria, the ‘power house of our cells’ become depleted. Addressing the correct nutrition needed to power up the mitochondria helps me support my clients suffering with a range of issues including chronic fatigue and ME, fibromyalgia, post viral symptoms, thyroid issues and weight loss.

I will work with you in person or on-line to monitor your nutrition, stress, mindset and sleep patterns. I offer functional testing and also use monitoring devices such as a heart rate variability machine and bioenergetic testing, to regularly assess your progress.

I hope you will discover for yourself that I am truly passionate in supporting the wellbeing of all my clients and empowering them to make the necessary changes needed to feel fabulous.

Tools Used

  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Functional Medicine
  • Health Coaching
  • Heart Rate Variability Testing
  • Bioenergetic Testing
  • Heart Math Coach