Harriet Bartley

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Brooklands House, 58 Marlborough Road

Brooklands House


West Sussex

BN15 8AF

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Wellbeing Coaching & Clinical Massage

Would you like to have more energy and feel more balanced in yourself? Perhaps you would like to live a happier, more truthful, and more meaningful life? If you would like to improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, finding the right therapist to support your needs will be a positive start to your journey.

I engage with clients to develop long-term enhanced wellbeing. With a focus on: building awareness and resilience; mental and emotional health; self-compassion; self-care; self-empowerment; the benefits of healing massage, we will create a plan tailored to your situation.

For around 20 years I have been coaching and training, as well as studying and practising clinical and therapeutic massage. I have happily worked in health, commercial, educational and third sector environments. Many times, I have seen how even the first session can enable someone to start to see life and themselves differently.

Just allowing yourself a few minutes of personal space can change the way you think and feel and therefore open up new opportunities for your future. Re-gaining and maintaining excellent health and personal happiness, being at ease in body and mind, are key aspects for anyone wanting to grow and thrive.

Tools Used

  • Wellbeing Coaching
  • Resilience Practitioner
  • Ace and Trauma Informed
  • Positive Psychology
  • Theraputic Massage
  • Clinical Aromatherapist