Elizabeth Gordon

Elizabeth Gordon

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45 Rashwood Close

Hockley Heath



B94 6SD

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West Mids


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I developed ME in 1998 at a time when I had three children under 10 years old and had just taken over an accountancy practice. I had no idea that my normal resilience and determination to be successful could combine with high sensitivity to stress and lead to a long-term health condition. I had a very long journey to reach recovery involving lots of exploration, self-development and only discovered The Chrysalis Effect towards the end- suddenly it all made sense!

I’m very passionate about supporting other women who may be balancing their family, professional career or business and their personal health and needs, but feel that something isn’t right. I want to prevent others going into the depths of the worst stages of these exhaustive conditions if possible.

I bring together all my lived experience, accountancy and coaching skills and Chrysalis Effect training into my work. I’m progressing through the Wellness and Specialist Practitioner training and hope to complete in early 2018. I find that many of my clients have a complex web of factors impacting their overall health and wellbeing, and Finance is often a common thread of concern.

I believe that health and energy are the foundation to all aspects of life and work, and work with clients to help them achieve success on their terms. Walking in nature played a key role in my recovery journey.

Tools Used

  • Personal ME Recovery
  • Coaching
  • Finance Health Issues Impact
  • Business Health Issues Impact
  • Family Dynamics
  • Life Purpose
  • Movement