Dr Naomi Whitelaw

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Clinic Address

Equilibrium Clinic


Greater London


Additional Clinic


Online, South E., and Gtr. London


  • Online Appointments
  • In Person Appointments
  • Discovery Call


My background is in obstetrics and gynaecology. I was an NHS consultant for over 20 years before undertaking further training and branching out into bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Interest in ME stems from the fact that one of the very first patients I saw as a BHRT specialist and who had come to us for help with sleep problems which she had had ever since her late teens, underwent diagnostics including a full thyroid panel, and turned out to be an ME sufferer.

My focus is in a holistic approach to hormonal issues particularly around the time of menopause, but also at other times of hormonal upset such as childbirth and premenstrual tension.

A full medical history is undertaking via online consultation and if clients wish to proceed further, advice regarding diagnostics and/or treatment is given thereafter.

Please note that appointments are currently online only.

Tools Used

  • Online Video Consultations
  • Diagnostics (including stress testing)
  • Private Hormone Prescribing
  • Genetic Testing can also be arranged