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Haley Hill


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Rebalancing Life Therapy Studio

7 Meadowdale Crescent


NG31 8EY

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I have been a qualified Holistic therapist since 2008, over the years I have enhanced my portfolio to include Reiki Master & Teacher, NLP Master practitioner (incorporating EFT & EMDR), Meditation and Mindfulness. Having spent over 24 years in the caring services, I have a thorough knowledge of supporting people and families in all aspects of their daily life and challenges that come from living with illnesses or disability.

My journey to become an Accredited Specialist Practitioner with The Chrysalis Effect came in 2015 when my 14 year old son, previously very fit and healthy became severely ill, house bound and out of school for 10 months with Chronic fatigue and severe body pain. An extremely challenging time for us as a family and also as a therapist I felt helpless as I couldn’t ‘Fix’ him.

We were lucky to have a local CFS service but with an 18-week waiting list and very limited input I wanted to know more about the cause of my son’s rapid deterioration. Desperate to find an answer to all my questions as a mother and a therapist.

I found The Chrysalis effect and found all the answers to my questions. I also discovered more about my own long-term issues with pain and fatigue (fibromyalgia) and I began to work on restoring both my own and my son’s health.

Although CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia came into our lives and turned everything upside down, it also put us back on a better, healthier and happier path.

I discovered during this journey that however strong, resilient and determined you think you are – asking for help and support also takes strength. To learn and to grow, understand yourself and your personal journey, sometimes the best thing to do for yourself is to ask for support. With the Chrysalis effect you are doing the learning, growing and ‘rebalancing’ but you always have someone to guide you – you no longer feel lost.

As a specialist practitioner, I work using The Chrysalis Effect Programme and my therapeutic tools. I tailor the recovery programme to your individual needs and support you to address essential elements of the recovery wheel that you identify in introductory consultation so you can fast track your recovery journey.

My expertise is in pain management, emotional recovery, limiting beliefs, unresolved trauma, life purpose, energy healing and energetic rebalancing. I work in an integrated way with other practitioners so that you have the very best recovery package with expertise in all areas.

I am also part of The Family Dynamic service and work alongside a team to support families living with someone recovering from CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia, a service I very much wish I had access to in the early days of my young son’s illness.

I offer a free Health Appraisal and 30 minute telephone call, for TCE recovery programme or Family Dynamics service.

Tools Used

  • FHT Accredited CE Specialist Practitioner


  • ILM Accredited CE Wellbeing Coach


  • NLP Master Practitioner (incorporating EFT, EMDR)


  • Reiki Master & Teacher


  • Reflexology for pain management and rebalancing


  • Meditation and mindfulness


  • Affirmation and self-belief


  • Creative Manifestation & Visualisation


  • Family Dynamics Service

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