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Experiencing chronic exhaustion and illness is challenging– I know because I have been there too. I understand how it affects every area of your life – your ability to do the things that you love, the impact on your relationships, and your hopes for the future.

But anything which breaks down in life also contains a potential for change. Pain and suffering are a natural part of any process of transformation. Illness can be used as a time for rest and reflection; for developing new health-supporting habits, improving your emotional well-being, and for becoming more aligned with your own values and purpose.

Learning how to master your mind and emotions is central to this process of change.  It can dramatically reduce the stress-related symptoms which are an integral part of chronic exhaustive conditions and help you to improve your quality of life.

My own journey of recovery from chronic fatigue and pain has been one of developing wisdom and insight – on both a personal and spiritual level.  It has taken me from working in mainstream healthcare to becoming an advocate for a holistic approach to health. In addition, my recovery journey has led me to extensively study the relationship between mind, emotions and health, and to learn the most effective ways of overcoming trauma and chronic illness.

I now specialise in helping people to understand mind-body health on a deep level, so that they can reach their highest potential in life, even during challenging circumstances.

Since I have an interest in spirituality and health, I often work with heart-centred people – carers, therapists, healers, empaths and healthcare providers. However, I also help anyone who is experiencing chronic stress, fatigue or illness, and who has an active interest in personal growth and improving their emotional health.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you, please visit my website for more details.  Or you can contact me by email to book your free discovery call.


Tools Used

  • Health Coaching
  • Mind-Body Health
  • Somatic Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Natural Remedies
  • Self-Enquiry
  • Holistic Therapies